About Us

PT. Benderamas Tirta was established in 1996 as an Indonesian limited liability company whose business license is in general trading, marketing and distribution services. 

We are staffed with experienced and highly qualified professionals with excellent references and a broad range of successful projects. Our company' main mission is to protect our Earth for our children and optimize energy savings for all our customers.

Our company is based in Jakarta city and the current main business activities is as an authorized distributor of PT Pertamina (Indonesia state-owned oil & gas company) to exclusively distribute and market its Hydro-Carbon Gas product (since 22 Juni 2005) to individual or industrial consumers both domestic and international market. 

We also provide support services to Indonesian and foreign oil and gas construction related companies namely Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. (Donggi-Senoro LNG Project).

Our company is listed as approved and registered vendor for Indonesian oil and gas companies to include, PT. FREEPORT INDONESIA, PT. MEDCO ENERGI INTERNASIONAL, PT. AIR LIQUIDE INDONESIA.

Our company is open for co-operation with interested partners in Indonesia and globally. If you are interested to talk to us, please click here.