MUSICOOL Refrigerant

Musicool Hydrocarbon gas is an environmentally friendly refrigerant with natural hydro carbon based designed as replacement alternative for synthetic refrigerant which potentially harmful to the environment such as Halocarbon CFC : R-12, HCFC : R-22 dan HFC : R 134a. 

MUSICOOL is a hydrocarbon product produced by PT. Pertamina and was named after its place of origin, the Refinery Unit III Plaju-Palembang, South Sumatera which is located by MUSI River. It can be used in car’s AC, split/window, refrigeration, water dispenser, cold storage, and chiller (at offices, malls, and hotels).

MUSICOOL Refrigerant is very economical, environmentally friendly, non toxic and can save up to 30% of the electricity bill. It is not an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) and does not contribute to the global warming. This type of refrigerant is commonly used in developed countries like Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Used nation wide, there will be great energy saving, both from fuel and electrical consumption by industries.

Musicool met technical requirement as refrigerant take account of physics and thermodynamics aspects, pressure diagram vs. temperature as well as performance test on refrigeration cycle. The test indicates that with the same cooling load, Musicool has some advantages against synthetic refrigerant, some parameters shows smaller data indication such as density, condensation pressure ratio against evaporation and viscosity value, while other parameters such as refrigeration effect, COP, latent calorie and conductivity show larger data.

Our company distribute, market and install MUSICOOL Refrigerant which is a Hydro Carbon (HC) refrigerant to replace the Fluoro Carbon type (CFC, HCFC, HFC) which have been banned by Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol 1987 and prohibited by the Indonesian Government with final dateline for trading and usage by 1-Jan-2005.

PT. Benderamas Tirta is the authorized distributor of Hydro Carbon Refrigerant with brand name of MUSICOOL (a Pertamina Product) for marketing and project retrofitting in Jakarta. Please click the above link for more details.